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One is a flat place where they grow a lot of corn.  John Wayne, Herbert Hoover, and Bob Feller were born there.  Iowa hugs the Mississippi River on one side and hosts a very early presidential caucus.  Idaho is far, far away, in the mountain west.  Harmon Killebrew grew up here and is buried in his hometown of Payette.  There are high mountains, a high desert, and numerous cash crops, including the famous potatoes.  Idaho has several big rivers.

Tammy Nichols is a member of the Idaho State Senate.  She was on my show just a couple of weeks ago.  Before her election to the Senate, she served in the House.  She’s smart, a committed conservative, and not short of ideas.  She’s among a handful of legislators looking to ban the mRNA vaccine.  The one developed in reaction to COVID-19.  I don’t know that I agree with a ban.  If someone wants to put something mostly untested into their body, then that’s their choice.  But I understand where Nichols is coming from.  Thalidomide was once considered a miracle drug.  It caused one of the worst tragedies in modern history.

Now, let’s get back to Idaho or Iowa.  As you can see from Nichols's Facebook post, a critic will lose respect when he can’t even read a map.  I’ve seen this before.  A couple of years ago during School Choice Week, a mailer arrived and it had an Iowa map on the cover.  I emailed the people behind the campaign.  I’m not on their mailing list any longer.  And I was an ally.

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