Another guest got waylaid by a train.  The tracks are near our studios and periodically a guest doing well on time gets sidetracked.  Usually at the Washington Street crossing and sometimes at Blue Lakes Boulevard.  I rarely have these encounters but will offer when it does happen, it’s usually a day I’m on my way to an appointment.

Goods are Moved at a Low Cost

Trains could be the most efficient method of moving goods across Idaho and the United States.  Some freight companies advertise the benefits.  In recent years the process has become even more efficient.  Data is used to plot routes as well as how many cars should be attached to each train (there are mornings when I arrive at work and can hear the stacking at 3:00 A.M.!)

This should be a good thing, right?  Hold your horses!  The Biden White House is considering some new restrictions.

Trains Could be Harming Tracks

The big-spending bill the President signed on the 15th includes money for a study on rail shipping.  Is it taking too much of a toll on rails, crossings, and some bridges?

Trains have grown longer.  Click here to see more.  If I read the story correctly, at least one often approaches three miles in length.  In Canada, the average length is even greater than in the USA.

With supply chain issues posing a drag on the economy, would limiting the size be a hindrance or a help?

On a personal note, I know more than a few radio guests who would be quite happy with a change.  I’m not going to recommend they try and outrace one of these long movers.

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