Of course, I’m a curmudgeon.  You get the prestigious title when your hair turns white, you reach 60 and you go to bed before sunset.  I complain a lot about young people and tell them how easy they have it compared to my generation when we had only landline telephones, three TV channels and music was on AM radio.  I don’t have patience for grocery store clerks who stop scanning items while they gossip with the person ahead of me at the checkout.  I don’t care if you approve of me because I have disdain for you!

I say bad things about other drivers and I’m the only person who hears what I mumble.  My language especially gets colorful when I’m in a hurry and suddenly a train appears.  It happened two days in a row.  On Sunday morning I was planning a left turn from Kimberly Road onto Blue Lakes Boulevard.  I heard the horn and the warning lights flashed just as I readied my turn.  Life is short and when it’s over and I count up the hours waiting on click-clack, click-clack…

The next day I managed to finish all my work after nine and a half hours and headed for home.  I was driving only a few blocks on Washington Street when I suddenly encountered a slow-moving locomotive and trailing cars.  I exercised my vocabulary.

I know active trains are a sign of an active economy.  But it’s like being at a cookout with 15 people and one bee and the bee follows only me.

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