A new bill drawn up by a Moscow representative is sparking conversation.  Democrat Shirley Ringo introduced House Bill 354 and said it could put $400 million into the state's general fund so things like the cost for tuition at Idaho’s colleges and universities don’t go up. 

However, her bill is not a new idea, Idahoans have been hearing about this change for decades and each time the bill surfaces in the Idaho Legislature it doesn’t go far. This proposal would lower the state sales tax from 6% to 5%.  The idea of implementing a 5% sales tax does not go without its opposition; it would begin to apply to other goods and services, like lottery tickets, pari-mutual betting, broadcast equipment and snow groomers just to name a few.

It also means a lift ticket at Bogus Basin for example, will cost you an additional 5 % to cover the sales tax.   Read more here.

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