Another town hall meeting last night on Idaho schools Superintendent Tom Luna's education reform plan. This one took place at the studios of Idaho's news Channel 7 and was broadcast live around the state. Luna was in the hot seat as people with close ties to education voiced their concerns and asked him their questions. In the past two years, Idaho's public education system lost about $200 million in funding.  This year alone, the state is facing a $137 million budget deficit. Among the topics in the plan discussed last night…a pay-for-performance plan that would be tied to merit, and would reward teachers with bonuses for taking on hard-to-fill positions, and for taking on leadership roles.  The plan would eliminate tenure for new teachers and would instead offer two-year rolling contracts.  Teachers with seniority would no longer be safe from layoffs. Teachers say they are already working harder then what they are paid for.   Luna says a  tough economy leaves little choice  The fourth and final hearing on Luna's education reform proposal will be held this morning. Following the hearing, the senate education committee will vote on whether to send the proposed bill to the full senate.