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Canadian philosopher Jordan Peterson asks if people are aware that nearly every university professor in North America is a Marxist?  I watched an interview with him over the weekend and concluded his question was rhetorical.  We can safely say we know the answer because professors would be proud to admit their revolutionary affiliation.

The difference between academics and the people staffing American newsrooms is that the media folks simply won’t admit the obvious.

Instead, they deviously twist language to try and subliminally recruit you and convince you that the Republican brand is toxic.

The Post Register is one of Idaho’s dying newspapers.  The lefties who staff the outfit believe if they verbally assault the views held by most people in their community, that you’ll somehow join them in a desire to see men using women’s locker rooms.

By now, you’ve heard the awful story about a man dropping off leaflets at a Twin Falls homeless shelter, inviting the homeless for free pizza.  This was during the recent state Republican convention in Twin Falls and was done to embarrass the outgoing party chairman as he was throwing a pizza party for delegates.  The director of the homeless shelter has fingered a convention delegate from Kootenai County as the culprit.  Though the delegate has made no admission and I’m not sure how he was recognized because he’s not local.

As political tricks go, it’s pretty low.  I was homeless once.  It’s difficult to maintain your dignity without some jackass pulling you into his scheme.

Now you’ve got media trying to tie other people into this shameful act.  Check out this paragraph from the Post Register:

It was apparently all part of the “fun” as Rep. Dorothy Moon ran against Luna for the state chairman position, where she was selected on Saturday.

Can you see what the paper is doing?  How can they tie the new chair, Dorothy Moon, to the insult against the homeless?  There’s no evidence Moon had any idea someone was playing a dirty trick.  She denounced it when reporters asked her questions after the pizza party.

Listen, she had her hands full during the convention as she worked the floor for votes.  Mainstream media doesn’t like her because her husband is well entrenched in the John Birch Society, which has opposed all forms of Marxism for 65 years.  It’s like exposing vampires to light.

I don’t trust the jackals in mainstream media.  I’ve met many of them through my work over the last 40 years.  A lot of them should never be allowed in the presence of young children.

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