Idaho School Superintendent Tom Luna was in Twin Falls yesterday.  Luna met with school administrators and educators as he takes his post-legislative tour around the state.  His goal was to inform educators about the next steps in implementing his “Students Come First” reform package.  Luna stressed the fact that Idaho education could not continue business as usual due to the state funding cuts to education and the lack of desire of Idahoans to pay more taxes.  He said starting this fall school districts will begin to see more technology entering the classrooms such as Smartboards and other devices designed to make the education process more efficient.  And over the next five years teachers and students will begin receiving laptop computers to aid in the education process.  Luna told the Times News that the recent lawsuit filed by the Idaho Education Association over his education reforms concentrates on teacher issues such as early retirement bonuses and tenure for new teachers as well as changes to contract negotiations.  He said none of that has anything to do with putting students first.

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