It's hard to believe that this week marks four years since illegal firework use led to a 2,600 acre fire at one of Boise's most beloved landmarks.

I still remember that night like it was yesterday. It was shortly before my boyfriend (now husband) and I moved in together. I was still living in a one bedroom apartment in Southeast Boise and he was renting a room in Nampa. My phone started ringing around 2 a.m. and I was shocked to see his number. "Get up now! Look at your window." Well, my window at the time faced the back side of a building so I stumbled out of bed, slipped on flip flops and worked to the end of our building. I was stunned to see Table Rock engulfed in flames.

It took a few months to put together all the pieces, but ultimately it turned out that a then 19-year-old who has lied to KTVB about seeing teenagers playing with fireworks near Table Rock was actually the one responsible for starting the fire by setting off a roman candle. The fire ended up destroying one family home.

Taylor Kemp was ordered to pay $350,000 in restitution fees for igniting the blaze. According to KTVB, as of July 29, 2020 he's only paid back $1,700 and hasn't made a payment since last August. That payment was only for $20.

Let the anniversary of the Table Rock Fire be a reminder that in Boise, only "safe and sane" fireworks are legal and are banned in the Foothills. If you're not exactly sure what areas are considered the Foothills, the City of Boise spells it out clearly on their Fireworks Safety webpage and also draws it out on a map. The page also includes a list of fireworks NOT considered "safe and sane" as well as safety tips for before, during and after a backyard fireworks display.

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