It’s an opportunity to tell government it works for the people.  Not the other way around.  On Saturday, March 6th, there is going to be a mask burning event in Idaho.  At multiple locations statewide.  At 10 o’clock in the morning in Twin Falls.  At Pioneer Motors at 347 Washington Street North.  The event has been organized by Idaho on Fire and #FreeIdaho.   

We did have to endure mask wearing while shopping, dining and in some work places.

Organizers are fed up with mask mandates still in place in some parts of the state.  We never had to deal with a government mandate in Twin Falls and Twin Falls County.  We did have to endure mask wearing while shopping, dining and in some work places.

The actions of the last year remind us our liberties are less than a generation away from being extinguished (I’m paraphrasing Ronald Reagan).

Organizers explain they’ll take precautions to keep the fires confined.  The idea generated some intense interest in Cassia County last week.  Attendees filled a ballroom.

Many believe a large turnout on the 6th will send a clear message to state government.  The citizenry wants to make decision makers think deeply about how emergency declarations impact the governed.

What we’ve seen over the last 11 months is a division of Idahoans (and Americans) into two camps.  Those who are protective of their God given liberties and in opposition a large number of people best described as servile personalities.

Much of this effort is being driven by Darr Moon, founder of Idaho on Fire, and his wife.  She’s State Representative Dorothy Moon.  She has spent the last several weeks crisscrossing the massive 8th State Legislative District.  Feedback about burning masks is mostly supportive.


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