The opening is a joke as the legislature is filled with devils!  Let me point out that I know many nice people who serve.  Many are quite faithful.

Reflecting the will of a liberal electorate, many of the decisions made in California offend or annoy people of traditional values, which is why many of them have relocated to Idaho.  Our legislature reflects the diaspora in the growth of the liberty movement.  Membership in that caucus has quintupled in 10 years.

The greatest opposition comes from newsrooms, which are filled with liberals and hedonists.  The latter isn’t a part of the liberty caucus.  While it celebrates individuality, it rejects the self-absorbed lifestyle.

Most people holding elective office proclaim a personal faith.  It may not be your vision, but they believe in a higher power.  A lot like the general public, however.  There is one legislator in Boise who celebrates his atheist beliefs.

Several witnesses have corroborated the story.  The man held a license plate aloft with the word ATHEIST displayed.  Then he explained that he campaigned as a Republican because a Democrat can’t get elected in his district.  While a lot of people have decided to abandon the liberal label to advance careers, most aren’t advertising.  I’ll name the Senator in a later post because first I want to ask him if the story is true.  We’ll get there.

Some nice people don’t believe in the Almighty.  Most don’t plaster it on a car.  I guess they argue Christians are public, but I believe there’s a line between a bumper sticker defending the unborn and a middle finger below the hood.  The wretches who have seizures when they see a godly message are quite possibly possessed.  There’s precedent.

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