This has been an active earthquake week at Yellowstone. Remember the small swarm that hit the park earlier this week? Tonight, there's been an even larger quake that has just occurred.

The USGS is reporting this as a 4.5 earthquake, which is much larger than quakes earlier this week that were in the 2.7 to 3.2 range.

The 4.5 quake was almost immediately followed by a smaller 2.7 quake, plus a 3.1,a 2.8 and also a 2.9.

According to reports on the National Weather Service Facebook page out of Riverton, Wyoming, the earthquake was felt in West Yellowstone.

According to the USGS Volcano Hazards website, this is the largest recorded earthquake in Yellowstone since a 4.8 happened back in March of 2014.

You can view all of the measurable recent earthquakes on the USGS website and also the University of Utah's site.

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