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This should be a lesson for the thousands of morons who visit national parks.  A visitor at Yellowstone who appeared to be doing everything right was gored by a bison.  The following link explains she was walking a trail with a friend when they spotted two bison ahead.  They decided to get out of the way, but as they were leaving, one of the animals charged.  Remember, when fully grown they’re the size of a small pickup truck.  But like an angry truck.

The park service explains the 47-year-old from Arizona was airlifted to Idaho Falls for treatment.  She and a friend were near the Lake Lodge Cabins when attacked.

The point is, these women weren’t looking for a confrontation.  The same could be said for the hundreds of nitwits who approach bison, elk, and bears in the park.  The latter people may not be looking for trouble, but they’re asking for it.  A bear can rip you to shreds in a matter of seconds.  Being gored by a bison or an elk could cause severe internal bleeding and you could die from blood loss and/or shock in minutes.  Is the selfie worth the risk?

I saw a post on the Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram page.  It warned the park isn’t a zoo.  Even at the zoo, no reasonable person would reach through the bars to pet a bear or a lion.

If you survive an animal attack, then bless you, but if you could’ve prevented it, you’ll always be known as a jackass.  And it’s likely the attacking animal, following instinct, will be destroyed.

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