James Bond or jackass?  Actor Pierce Brosnan can’t play by the rules, as a recent visit to Yellowstone attests.  The popular Tourons of Yellowstone page will likely feature his story, as did Cowboy State Daily, a Wyoming publication.  Brosnan got a ticket for wandering into a restricted area.  “Don’t you know who I am,” would’ve been a bad response when confronted by rangers.  There’s no evidence Brosnan went that far.  He also wasn’t carrying a Walther P38, the weapon of choice in the early Bond stories.  We do wonder if he sped away afterward in an Aston Martin.

What is it about Yellowstone that makes people lose their ability to think straight?  If you like the scenery, bring a zoom lens and binoculars.  Presumably, the actor can afford both.  You don’t need to climb into an area where you are not only yourself but also others.  Primarily the people who would need to rescue you.

The paper says Brosnan is due in court in a few weeks.  He’ll likely pay his fine and then head back to the Left Coast.  Cowboy State Daily also writes Mr. Bond hasn’t responded to the publication’s questions.

Like, what the heck were you thinking?

I don’t believe celebrities are perfect and have no special powers, but we do know they’re people with influence over others.  Growing up a fan of Bond films, I can tell you we all wanted to be as sophisticated as the character.  But not at the cost of being steamed in a thermal.

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