This Idaho City Had A Close Encounter With A Moose
Idaho’s overall moose population is down.  In Southern Idaho the numbers are up.  Just take a drive in the South Hills and your odds of seeing moose increase every year.  Moose are also often wandering through the valleys.  A woman at the office recently shared a …
Reward Grows to $10k after Nevada Moose Poaching
The reward for a moose poaching case in northeastern Nevada has grown to $10,000 to help catch the person or people responsible. The adult moose was illegally killed southeast of Jarbidge last month, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.
Idaho Hunting Season Tips & Safety
Agriculture may drive Idaho’s economy, but a big portion of the overall pie also involves hunting and fish.  This time of year for outdoorsmen is a bit like Christmas from the standpoint of your kids.  Kelton Hatch dropped by today from Idaho Fish & Game and offered…
Idaho Fish & Game August Update
Several hunting seasons are just getting started in Idaho.  Kelton Hatch from Idaho Fish & Game paid us his monthly visit.  We got details on tags and training and also some safety tips when it comes to wildlife and wildfires.  This is a busy time for Fish & Game becau…
Young Moose Captured in Twin Falls Cemetery
TWIN FALLS, Id ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A young moose that made its way into Twin Falls has been placed in a new habitat. The Twin Falls Police Department responded to a call that a moose had wandered into the Twin Falls Cemetery.