They dissect frogs, right?  Then why not teach your kids to field dress a moose at school?  Click on this Facebook link and you’ll see some kids did exactly that at a school in Alaska.  I’m sure liberals and animal rights activists would be enraged, but the animal was already dead on arrival.  Hunting and fishing are a way of life in Alaska, as well as Idaho.  Just like cutting up frogs, the students can opt-out.  The same lefties who would scream the loudest about the moose would be okay with men in sparkling make-up and dresses reading to your little ones.  They would be fine with Jimmy peeing in the toilet next to Jenny.  They would be telling both that self-manipulation is a means of pleasure and relaxation.

And if you wanted your kids to opt out of those liberal sacraments, the left would call you a bigot.  It’s because they need to recruit and indoctrinate young people.  Otherwise, we’ll end up with a majority in 25 years that doesn’t buy what they’ve been selling for the last half-century.

As for learning how to field dress a take, it’s a skill.  As one of my teachers told me in junior high, you accidentally break open the bladder and the meat is fouled.  We’re talking about a useful skill for country people.  If they choose not to in Seattle and Portland, then fine.

We don’t tell the wackos in those cities how to live, and we simply ask the same in return.  Some of their habits are enough to make us vomit, and that’s why we don’t live there.

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