UPDATE:  The Facebook Page has been removed by People for Pets.


People for Pets posted details this morning about three abandoned dogs.  They were left at the animal shelter in Twin Falls after hours.  There is a surveillance photograph of what looks to be a woman.  She may have some details available.  She’s not necessarily guilty of anything.  For all we know, someone found the animals and thought this was the best solution.  Some of the commenters on Facebook made that clear.  It’s better than abandoning animals in the desert.

The dogs are so spooked that staff has been unable to get them inside the shelter.  They were outside on a raw and rainy morning.  Wouldn’t you like to put your arms around them, give them a warm hug, and settle them down?

My guess is, over time, someone will be able to settle them down.  Then they’ll likely be available for adoption.  They’re very handsome animals.

Our shelters are bursting at the seams.  I look daily at the local shelter’s Facebook page.  It’s heartbreaking.  People are dealing with financial hardship and a rising cost of living.  If we enter a recession, things will only get worse.

As the late Bob Barker used to say, have your pets spayed or neutered.  At least that would reduce some of the burden on the shelters throughout Idaho.

My niece is a volunteer at an ASPCA in another state.  She says she wants to take every animal home, but it’s impossible.  Those of you who can step up and have some property, there are a lot of cats and dogs that need you.

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