I don’t know that I agree with the results.  The research is from Showsight Magazine.  I’m not questioning the methodology.  It depends on what basis you have for the criteria.  Rhode Island is called the best state in America for dogs, where they have a lot of tiny, yapping dogs that people walk in parks.  Click on this link for the rankings.

Courtesy Showingsight Magazine.
Courtesy Showingsight Magazine.

You’ll notice something about Idaho and the other 9 worst states for dogs.  We have a lot of working animals (at least the story doesn’t make any jokes about the fifth worst state and the Governor there).

Just because a dog herds cattle or pulls a sled doesn’t mean they aren’t well-cared for.  You don’t need to provide dogs with a plush home in a New York City high-rise to make them happy.

I’ve owned several mixed breeds and they’ve enjoyed getting wet, muddy, and wrestling with other friendly dogs.  I had a pair of dogs that would exhaust themselves playing that way.  Rarely did I ever groom that pair.  They weighed in at well over 200 pounds combined and were happy sleeping on the hardwood bedroom floor.

The ranking system says many western states lack dog-friendly facilities.  Do you mean dog parks?  Do you need one if you have 3,000 acres?

By the way, the magazine mentions grooming as a dog-friendly service.  I won’t argue, but there are several here in town, and out on the farm people have their clippers.

Tell me this study wasn’t done by liberals for liberals!  Do they even know a working dog?

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