It comes down to finding the right property.  A new Twin Falls recreation center hasn’t gotten off the ground because the ground keeps getting sold to someone else.  The rec center is being outbid and vacant property anywhere in Twin Falls currently sells at a premium.  Twin Falls City Manager Travis Rothweiler told Magic Valley This Morning that finding the land is a challenge.

The people behind the proposal gave an update to the city council this week.

A recreation center could offer space for people to run indoors.  There could be a pool available for young families to work with their kids in the water.

I’m all for a project like this as long as it can be supported by private funding.

That’s how the Twin Falls Animal Shelter achieved its aim of building a bigger facility.  The not-for-profit People for Pets spent years doing fundraisers and are finally ready for construction.  When it’s finished, you can expect it will fill up just as quickly as the current limited space.

What this community needs is a few more high-minded people who could endow projects like these.  Remember, Andrew Carnegie, built hundreds, if not thousands, of libraries across the United States.  An immigrant from Scotland, he wanted to give back to the country that allowed him to become wealthy beyond belief.

While we may not have anyone with a Carnegie-sized bank account in Twin Falls, a scan of some of the homes near the canyon gives the impression there are a few people on their way.  Sometimes all you need to do is ask.

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