I keep getting emails about surveys that paint Mountain West dog owners as being careless.  A few weeks ago, one said Idaho was the ninth least dog-friendly state.  Judging by the number of dogs my neighbors walk, I doubt the statistics.  I wrote a few weeks ago that a lot of our dogs are working animals, but it doesn’t mean we don’t like them.  After all, we aren’t like former President Barack Obama and his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.  Nor is Idaho an Asian restaurant!

Now a new survey says adjacent Wyoming is among the worst places for dog activities.  What, are there no amusement parks for canines?  Does your dog believe it needs to go to the ballpark?  Does your dog whine you never take it out for fine dining (see Asian restaurants)?

Having grown up surrounded by as many as three dogs in the house at one time, they appeared happy fetching a tennis ball or having their tummies rubbed.  My mom never knitted them sweaters.  We never heard of a place called a dog park, and sometimes my dad would take them on patrol.  They especially liked it when he was on the patrol boat, and would sometimes spontaneously go swimming.

If Wyoming is anything like Idaho, then dogs often herd cattle and guard livestock and homes.

Who does these surveys?  Some foo-foo dog owner in New York City?  Here’s a question.  Would your dog prefer roaming the high desert over living in a Manhattan high-rise?

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