Since the video of an Idaho Falls man drinking cranberry juice while skateboarding and lip-syncing to a Fleetwood Mac song went viral, a new challenge has been created. The United States Army recently gave it a go.

Nathan Apodaca has almost become a household name. The Idaho Falls man uploaded a video to TikTok last week that has been shared millions of times. He recorded himself skateboarding to work after his car broke down. As he skated, he drank cranberry juice and lip-synced "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, and well, the rest is viral history.

Apparently, now there is the #DreamsChallenge. It's in its infancy, but will no doubt begin to catch fire all over the world soon. Random people will be recording their own versions, but none will be better than the original.

A couple of United States Army soldiers shared a great recreation on October 5, 2020. It's beyond cool, and will probably be one of only a couple uploads to be shot several hundred feet in the air. No skateboard was used, but who cares, it's a helicopter for crying out loud. The fact Army personnel have gotten involved lends a certain badassness to the submission as well.

Downloads of "Dreams" have been experiencing a huge increase since the video went viral. I would imagine the folks at Ocean Spray are pretty happy about right now too.

This is a challenge that I would love to see the entire band do. Founding drummer Mick Fleetwood recorded his own version, which has gone viral also.

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