An Orem man was walking in Slate Canyon when he started getting stalked by a mountain lion, and it was not happy. Thankfully the guy kept his cool.

I have no idea how this guy kept his cool, but he managed to stay calm and not run. He came across the mountain lion and started walking the other way. It was a long 6 minutes of this guys trying to scare the mountain lion away from him.

He keeps yelling at the mountain lion to go away, makes loud noises and the mountain lion isn't having any of it. It continues to follow him, lick his lips and the occasional pounce towards the Orem man.

I seriously have no idea how he was able to stay so calm. That had to be one of the scariest and longest 6 minutes of his life. This is why I tend to carry with me whenever I go out into the wild. I don't want to shoot but if I had to, I would.

I am not super familiar with mountain lions so I am not sure if this behavior is typical or not. I would imagine not so much or we would see more of this. Thankfully no person or animal was harmed in the 6 minute encounter. I am not sure why the thing took off at the end of the video but thankfully it did.

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