I am not sure if this makes me a terrible person or not, but I really wish these motorcyclists got what was coming to them. These motorcyclists got dangerously close to this huge herd of bison and were harassing them.

Beware: There is some foul language in the video at parts. Honestly, less than I was expecting or would have said, but there is some. I have no idea why these guys thought it would be smart to go into the field, off the road and drive circles around these bison, then try to pet them as the large animals stare them down! What are you thinking!

I was definitely rooting for the bison in this video. This is not something anyone should do. Honestly, all these people are closer to bison than I would be comfortable being. Those massive animals can do some serious damage. They definitely got lucky.

I have no idea if it is because it is 2020 and people are getting restless sitting at home that they decide to go to Yellowstone and other national parks and mess with wild life, but there seems to be a much larger amount of tourists getting too close to the wild animals. Maybe we are just becoming more aware of it because of social media. I am glad no one got hurt, but I am also sad that these people got away with this.

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