Warnings go out every hunting season.  Be especially careful when driving.  Animals can be spooked and there’s a possibility more may dart into traffic. So, what if we eliminated hunting season?

We took an on-air comment from a member of our radio audience.  During a visit by Terry Thompson, spokesman for Idaho Fish and Game.  The agency is currently doing a deer count.  Helicopters drive the deer into a net and the animals are inspected by Biologists and then released.  It briefly stresses the animals, which you’re advised against doing.  So, why do it?  A woman suggested hunting is a bigger stress (she’s not opposed to hunting, by the way).

Number one, the effort at netting the deer provides valuable information about population and health.  It then allows the agency to make future decisions about the number of tags to introduce.  Hunting allows population control, which overall, means we hit fewer animals with our cars and trucks!

When my daughter was a little girl, she thought hunting was barbaric.  She also liked meat, fish, and chicken.  Those animals didn’t voluntarily kill themselves to find a place on her plate.  Most kids outgrow the Bambi ideal and understand how this works.  Those who don’t vandalize fur stores, however.  The latter would be the first to celebrate indigenous culture.  Go tell the tribes that hunt bison and whales they need to get with the modern world!  They never liked Caucasian control mobs.  I can’t say I blame them.

Go ahead, ban hunting.  Watch more vegetable crops vanish from fields.  Oh, and the elk killed by poisonous bushes planted by Blaine County liberals would vanish.  Your landscaping will be ruined and the elk will suffer a terrible end.

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