Some liberals are demanding the bison hunt in neighboring Montana come to an end.  I guess the idea is to have the mountain west overrun with large animals like Florida drowning in alligators.  The bison population doesn’t rival what’s happening in the sunshine state, but the men and women in charge of monitoring wildlife know controlled hunts aren’t a threat to species' survival.

You may have also recently read that many of what we call bison are actually hybrids with beef cattle resembling bison.

A Facebook user recently filmed a bison stampede.  The herd was rattled by hunters and took off for the confines of Yellowstone National Park, where instead, the animals can rough up stupid tourons.

The stampede took place near Gardiner.

The indigenous people often hunted bison by causing a stampede.  For millennia the tribes had no firearms and could run the animals through a gully or over a cliff.  Some would be killed and that would provide food and clothing.

Herd management has several benefits and I don’t understand people who can’t see the positive.  If you strain a bison through the grill of your car, you may change your tune.

A friend back east told me one of her former students is moving to Washington State but had a delay.  Her moving van collided with an elk near Missoula.  The van was totaled.

I do realize that a lot of virtue signalers don’t care about their fellow men and women.  The liberals believe they should be praised for seeing their fellow human beings as weeds.  Something not the equal of a giant hairy beast.

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