I’ve been watching construction of the Black Bear Diner on Pole Line Road in Twin Falls.

it’s not awful but how can you foul up pancakes and burgers?

It isn’t expected to open until 2018.  I’m not sure it’s going to change the dining landscape.  Over the weekend I visited the Black Bear location in Pocatello.  Which is off Exit 61 and then you turn right and get lost looking for the place.  Because it’s buried behind some other buildings.  I understand if you live in Pocatello you believe it’s the center of the universe and expect everyone getting off the Interstate should know exactly where everything is located.

After driving around for a considerable amount of time I walked into Panera Bread and asked the manager where his competition was hidden.  He graciously gave me directions!

Finally, I made it and had breakfast.  Which is average.  I mean, it’s not awful but how can you foul up pancakes and burgers?  It’s overpriced.  The décor isn’t eye-popping.  When it opens it’ll be packed in Twin Falls.  I just don’t get the thrill.  We’ve got unique diners, cafes and coffee shops under local ownership and, yet.  When Black Bear opens there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who’ll somehow convince themselves a 13 dollar thawed hamburger is all the rage.

Two weeks ago I had a great burger for half the price at the snack stand in Wendell.  And it’s locally owned.

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