The story of a phony cop in Chubbuck isn’t true.  A friend in Pocatello sent me a link this morning from the Idaho State Journal.  My buddy’s sister is a deputy in Oneida County, so he takes these things seriously.  It looks like a young man made a false report, however.  He had also been the subject of what looked like a legitimate traffic stop.  Police there are concerned because if there’s a belief there’s an impersonator at work, it could lead to some dangerous situations.

I don’t know much about Chubbuck, aside from I once stopped and did some grocery shopping there while driving home from vacation.  It looks a lot like Pocatello, but people who call Chubbuck home treasure their own identity.  I appreciate that, as the last time I was in Pocatello I could see why some people would choose not to live there.  But Chubbuck?  Would it be a deterrence if the accused young man was sentenced to spend the rest of his life there?

I’ve visited almost every corner of Idaho and there are some lovely places where I could live.  I can’t say I’ve ever opened Zillow and dreamily looked for property in Bannock County.  Though, the area around Century High School in Pocatello is beautiful.  Chubbuck, not so much.

We’ve got a fellow here in the office and he breaks into laughter every time he hears the name of the place.  And he grew up in a city named Provo, which sounds a lot like a nickname for a water closet.

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