When Russia moved some nuclear warheads to Belarus, there was heightened talk of nuclear war.  Russian leader-for-life Vladimir Putin publicly stated on many occasions that he believes his country could win such a conflict.  The Doomsday Clock reflects the fears of global elites that Armageddon is near.

Many of my coworkers have written about how Idaho would fare in such an attack.  We’ve published stories and posted fallout maps.  The Russians have an estimated 8,000 warheads, so more than a few could be pointed at secondary targets.

I came across an old map from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  FEMA issued the report almost 35 years ago, as the old Soviet Union was imploding.  Boise and Mountain Home Air Force Base make an appearance, but somehow two locations in Eastern Idaho.  None of which are Idaho National Laboratory.

Pocatello and a neighboring target cut.  Is the target east of Pocatello Palisades Reservoir?  It’s not quite a match on the FEMA map.

Is there a safe space in Idaho?

Possibly the panhandle, but that would depend on wind direction.  There are multiple targets in Washington.

Maybe a bunker near Bonners Ferry would offer some consolation, but you would better be prepared for a long stay.  Maybe three years to let the dust and fallout clear.

I watched a documentary over the weekend.  About the first atomic bomb test in New Mexico.  There was a Catholic youth camp downriver.  The girls went swimming that day as what looked like snow fell from the sky.  None lived to the age of 30.  Putin is wrong.  There are no winners.

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