My wife's recent trip to her Twin Falls allergy doctor just revealed some surprising information. Everything is apparently making her sick.

My wife has been suffering from severe allergies for the better part of the last five years. Each season, they get worse and worse. So, she scheduled at trip to a local allergist to get to the bottom of what exactly is transforming her into a coughing, sneezing, foot-dragging, eye-oozing mutant every spring. (sorry babe)

The tests, which took over three hours--I've had surgeries done quicker--revealed that she tested positive for Sage Brush, Ash Tree, Pig Weed, Russian Thistle (what the hell is that?) and a bunch of other stuff. Oh yea, and animal dander.

(If anyone wants a 10-year-old, cantankerous, English Bulldog that licks the floor 16 hours a day, feel free to message me)

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Amelia J

Her chart was longer than an L. Ron Hubbard book. There are species of plant and tree life I never knew existed. The only positive thing that came out of the tests was the concrete determination that cat ownership is never going to be in our future. It's the small victories in life I appreciate.

On a serious note, if you are one of these people that belong to this segment of the population that not only suffers from seasonal allergies, but your pets too, I really feel for you. My wife's allergies are beyond bad. But on a positive note, all I have to do is keep her from coming into contact with all animals, and everything that blows in, and around, the Magic Valley.

Wish us luck!

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