If you're like me, and Daylight Savings time crept up and surprised you last Sunday, then maybe you are also unaware that spring officially starts on Saturday. Yes, it's time to start those maintenance checks on your outdoor landscaping equipment, as well as beginning prepping for your spring spruce ups.

The beginning of spring this weekend means we are about four weeks from lawnmowing, planting and watering season. While I do enjoy doing yardwork for the most part, I'm not looking forward to the annual battle against rogue mushrooms that grow in my front yard. We also planted a new Dogwood tree last spring on our property, so it will be interesting to see how it rebounds from the freezing temperatures we've seen over the past four months.

These next six months will be busy for us. A small deck by our back gate, replanting some seed to fill bare spots that were created by our dog and repairing a portion of the sidewalk in front of our residence are all projects we will be working on.

The Vernal Equinox also of course signifies the end of winter, not that we had much of one here in southern Idaho. And we can't forget about Easter, the first major holiday of the season, which should have a whole new look and feel in 2021 with the decreasing cases of the Coronavirus. I expect to see an increase in activities geared toward young kids this spring.

So, we wish you the best with your projects this spring, and may your allergies remain at bay. Happy planting!

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