If you a re doing a lot of sniffling and sneezing you are not alone?  It might be because of allergy season.  It is here and this year it came a little early.  Dr. Stephen Fritz, an allergist, says because of our mild winter allergy season hit a few weeks early. Dr. Fritz says some of his patients symptoms are worse this year compared to last.  He's also seen an increase in new patients.  On average he's seeing five new people a day.  And unfortunately, Dr. Fritz doesn't think allergy relief is coming anytime soon. With the wet weather in March he believes it is going to be a long and strong allergy season.  Over-the-counter antihistamines can help some people deal with their allergies.  Dr. Fritz says it can also help to change the times you are outside.  Morning is the worst time to be outside.  If you think staying inside will help calm your allergies Dr. Fritz says think again. Being outside for just 15 minutes is enough to kick up allergies for the entire day.

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