It is almost Halloween and it is one of my favorite holidays! If you are going out trick or treating, if you are going out for adult fun or if you are just staying home and handing out copious amounts of candy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For the Trick of Treaters

Remember that if a house does not have a porch light on, it means they are not home or not handing out candy. It is probably best to avoid that house

Halloween is scary, if a house looks too scary, it's ok to not go up to the door. If you do go up to the door there is a chance something or someone will jump out at you.

Taking homemade treats can be dangerous. Check with parents before taking any homemade goods

If it is dark, keep an eye out for cars, especially if you are in a dark costume. You can be hard to see.

For teens, there is a good chance you may not get candy if you don't have some sort of costume. It doesn't have to be elaborate just a little effort.

For the Adult Parties

First and foremost, please don't drink and drive.

Keep an extra alert eye out for trick or treaters, especially if it is dark and be prepared just in case a kid darts out in front of a car.

If you are not handing out candy, please turn your porch light off.

For those handing out candy

Keep that porch light on as long as you want to hand out candy.

Try not to get too upset if you see an older teen dressed up asking for candy. We all grew up too fast.

Keep teens without costumes taking their brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews in mind. They may not be in costume but everyone likes candy.

If you like to scare the kids, you might want to check out the age groups and know the audience. If they look scared already it might be best not to scare them. Some of them may cry and it might be ok.

Also, don't be afraid to scare some of the kids. Some of my best memories were from the scary houses.

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