Hasbro has officially realized that in the year 2020 you can do whatever you want, even if on paper it doesn't make sense. When that happens you get a Bob Ross version of Monopoly. Monopoly might be the game that causes the most fights among friends and family besides Uno. Yet Bob Ross is known as the most chill person to have ever existed. So how will the anger inducing game of Monopoly and the relaxing Bob Ross homage mix?

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I'm thinking it really could be the most peaceful game you ever play as you and your friends are constantly met with the gaze of Bob Ross on the board and on the money. Or, what I think is more likely, this game starts with fighting before it even begins. They made the seemingly innocent mistake of having a happy little tree as a game piece. Every person who knows anything about 'The Joy of Painting' and plays this version of Monopoly is going to want to be the tree.

Bob Ross Monopoly Game

The game officially goes on sale in September for about $40 at HasbroPulse. Check out their site for the purchase link and to get a full synopsis of the new rules.

Monopoly has a number of different versions, my favorite for now other than the original is Monopoly Gamer, they even made a feminist version and released it in 2019. Hasbro has yet to steal my mock-up board for a Twin Falls version of Monopoly, but that would be awesome.

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