Monopoly is one of my favorite games! I really don't mind spending 3 or more hours trying to convince my kids to trade me properties that are beneficial to me and not so much for them. There are even different versions than the classic edition that are great. I just got the Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart edition and it is really fun and a bit easier for the little kids. Plus, it's Mario!

I was recently told that there is (or used to be) a Twin Falls edition of Monopoly. I haven't seen it, so I decided to draw up what I think a Twin Falls-Opoly would look like. It is interesting to think about what iconic landmarks and important establishments should be included. I'm sure you won't agree with all the ones I used. What would you have done different with the properties on the board?

One last thing - a big part of Monopoly play is the game pieces. I think that the 6 game tokens should be a Rock Chuck, Cow, Sugar Beet, Kayak, Perrine Bridge, and a Golden Eagle.