A new video has just been shared on YouTube. It's strange to call this video "new" since it dates back to 1938. But, it's new to YouTube. In it, you will see that Idaho was a little different back then.

Stacy Erickson shared this video taken in Ucon, Idaho back in 1938. Here are some things you'll notice in the retro video.

  • Kids didn't have cell phones.
  • For fun, they played with wagons.
  • People seemed to enjoy walking through fence gates a lot.
  • Everyone was smiling.
  • There was no traffic in front of the house.

Yet, they survived. Amazing. What was life like back in 1938? Here are some Wikipedia facts for you:

  • Franklin Roosevelt was President and never ever used Twitter.
  • Superman made his first appearance in a comic book.
  • Country singer, Kenny Rogers and media mogul, Ted Turner, were born that year.
  • The world was still one year BEFORE the start of World War 2.

Yet, they survived.

Yes, this is a simple video of an Idaho family back in 1938. But, if you're willing to let your brain think about it, you realize that we COULD live our life without cell phones. We could smile a little more and not be so uptight. And, we could start playing with wagons again. OK, maybe that last one isn't doable.

Smile and enjoy your life today and be thankful to God for what you have and not uptight about what you want. They did it back in 1938 and you can do it today.

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