I haven’t had much respect for the Dallas Cowboys since Jerry Jones purchased the franchise.

If there are three Dallas Cowboys in a car then who is driving? A police officer!

It was nearly 30 years ago and when he fired Tom Landry in favor of Jimmy Johnson the clean cut image of the team changed.  Johnson had coached a criminal enterprise with the Miami Hurricanes and he brought it to Texas.  Remember the old joke from the era?  If there are three Dallas Cowboys in a car then who is driving?  A police officer!

Jones started to gain my respect over the summer when he said his players wouldn’t engage in protests during the performance of the Star Spangled Banner.  Then last night he split hairs.  He marched with his team onto the field and joined them in taking a knee just before the music started.  Then they stood and locked arms.

At the moment all 32 NFL clubs are in the playoff hunt.  In another 8 weeks when revenue and ratings are down and some teams will obviously not be post-season bound you’ll see some changes.  I predict there’ll be wholesale moves when it comes to malcontents on rosters.  Many of us are addicted to the game.  We’ve got to be fortified and make the league feel some pain.  Stay strong!  For the best take on the situation I recommend this piece by columnist Quin Hillyer.

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