Sure, there may be someone hungry on Thanksgiving Day, but I don’t believe it needs to be that way.  Southern Idaho is awash in food.  On Monday I attended a food give-away outside the Magic Valley Mall.  It was administered by Twin Falls Community Church in cooperation with several other local churches.

More Food Options Available

Meanwhile, Twin Falls County Commissioner Jack Johnson said the very same morning the Mustard Seed had food available for families.

The Salvation Army, St. Edward, and multiple other organizations feed the hungry in Twin Falls.  It’s much the same in neighboring towns and counties.

There would likely be only two reasons people would go hungry.  Logistically, you need to get the food to them.  If they don’t drive, they can’t easily get to places like the mall.  The other may be a pride factor.  Or you would be embarrassed to ask for help.  Or be seen picking up a box.

Pride Could Get in the Way

When I was a little boy I watched a TV program where a husband kept telling his wife and children that “we don’t take charity!”  It may have been an episode of the Walton’s but recalling the exact program 45 years later is a challenge for me.  In the end, the needy family accepts outside assistance.

Charity is a synonym for love.  The boxes distributed at the mall were paid for by a private benefactor from Oklahoma.  The request specifically asked that the food be distributed in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The program was founded by former President Trump but came to an end.  Now it survives because there are still good-hearted Americans.

More Food to Come

There will be another distribution at the mall on Tuesday, November 30th, and then the following four Mondays.  Each delivery begins at 11:00 o'clock in the morning.

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