To say there are a lot of angry drivers in Twin Falls is a gross understatement. The same thing can be said about drivers in hundreds of cities throughout the United States, but failure to courteously navigate some southern Idaho roadways often results in dagger eyes.

I grew up 30-miles southeast of Los Angeles, so I know anger on the roadways. My father used to scream so loud at drivers he thought were road hazards, that as he passed them he would glare so fiercely in their direction that they probably checked their rearview mirror after pulling into their home's garage. Road rage is very common, and people need to really focus on not ending up behind the bullseye when operating a motor vehicle.

One of the first things I learned after moving to Twin Falls is to always make sure I fire  my right turn signal at the junction located at 2nd Avenue West and Washington Street. You guys know where I'm talking about right? It's the intersection near Pro Image Paint & Body and Cars 4 Idaho. 

Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta

The tricky part about this junction is that there are two lanes a driver could technically turn left on, instead of merging to the right and proceeding toward the intersection of Shoshone Street and Minidoka Avenue. It's for this reason that people should signal, but if you fail to, I'm not sure any law is being broken.

This is the one intersection in Twin Falls that drivers should be sure to communicate to others waiting at the stop sign intentions on turning left, or merging to the right. If you don't believe me, just make that right-hand turn without signaling, and see what I mean.

Do you believe Twin Falls has a problem with road rage?

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