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Now and then a pale rider comes along and exerts justice.  If you consider the elites in this country resemble the robber baron from the movie of that name (and, yes, we know where some of it was filmed), then we need someone with the skill of a dragon slayer.  As in mythology and like the Clint Eastwood character, these people come out of nowhere.

That was what struck me when my friend, Todd Eccles, shared a video with me late last week.  From a blue-collar guy singing on a hillside from his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Oliver Anthony is the vocal version of the pale rider.  And the elites are sputtering.  A writer at the leftist and illegal drug-promoting Rolling Stone lost his mind.  The liberals don’t like references to welfare and Epstein Island.  First, I listened to the welfare reference in the song, and Anthony appears to be saying if things were just in this country, we wouldn’t have millions wasting away on the dole.  While some people need help, an actual job that allows you to pay your bills and put some money away is a better alternative.  Why is that in question?

As for lefties freaking out whenever someone mentions children being harmed, are they opposed to protecting kids?  Democrats melted down over another film addressing the topic and references to elites behaving badly in the Caribbean are censored.

I gather what bothers the elites and their news media auxiliary is that they know they’re outnumbered.  Along comes a voice from the wilderness and they start to worry.  They’re living in fear.  It’s why they hate Trump, Jim Caviezel, and now Oliver Anthony.

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