It is officially award season for movies, and the Oscars are taking place this weekend. While some movie will walk away Sunday night as the picture of the year, it got me thinking about what are the best movies to be filmed here in Idaho. This list will not be based on award-worthy, but off of entertainment worthy. Often the Oscars vote for a movie many never saw or heard of, instead of the blockbusters. This list will be based on which movies were the most enjoyable and worth spending hard-earned money to see.

#10 Breakfast of Champions

This movie barely makes the list and by default. It was filmed in Twin Falls and KEZJ's own Brad was supposedly an extra in the movie. It starred Bruce Willis and wasn't that good of a movie, but it gets the sentimental vote to crack the top ten. It is worth a watch and a fun time for those that know Twin Falls well and have been here a while. You may even see people you know, like Brad, in the background.

#9 Magic Valley

Most people have probably not heard of this film, but it was an indie film that came out around 2011. It was filmed in Twin Falls and is pretty depressing and dark, but it is a good movie. It could have been higher based on how it did at the movie festivals back then, but this list is based on entertainment, and the movie moves slowly. 

#8 Pale Rider

There are a few different Clint Eastwood westerns to choose from. I am not the biggest western fan, so I chose the one I thought was the best. This one was shot in the Sawtooth National Recreational Area and is another one that used Sun Valley. It was tough to choose which one of his movies should make the list, but Pale Rider was my favorite of his. I could be talked into any of his movies though. 

#7 Moving

Richard Pryor is one of the most underrated comedians in my opinion. The younger generation does not understand how incredible he was and how good his movies were. I wanted to put this movie higher, but unfortunately, it wasn't one of his best movies. It was entertaining, but he had many better ones. Part of the movie was filmed in Boise. It is worth a watch, especially for any Richard Pryor fan.  

#6 Ghost Dad

"Ghost Dad" had the potential to move up the list, but real-life circumstances prevented me from doing so. Bill Cosby was amazing in the early to mid-'90s, but times have changed. The movie is still a fun family movie and has its moments, but it is hard to watch anything with him the way that you used to. If you can get over who is in the movie, it is a fun movie to watch. Some of it was filmed in Boise.

#5 Mass

This movie hasn't gotten much publicity but is fairly good. It is a much more serious movie, but for me, Jason Issacs is such a good actor that it boosts up the list a couple of spots. Ever since "The Patriot" and his role in "Harry Potter" I am a fan of his. Part of the movie was filmed in Sun Valley. It is a heavy movie to watch, but worth seeing once and it is always fun to recognize a nearby area.

#4 Napoleon Dynamite

Many may disagree with me and think that "Napoleon Dynamite" should be first on this list. This is one of those movies that either people love and quote all the time, or they were bored with it. I was a little bored, but I do recognize some of the great one-liners from it, so for that reason, it comes in as fourth. The movie was set and recorded in Preston, Idaho, and became a must-see movie in the early 2000s. I couldn't rank it higher than here, due to not being the biggest fan.

#3 The To-Do List

"The To-Do List" was an off-the-radar movie, but was pretty good. While it is on the raunchy side, it seemed somewhat relatable for everyone that went through those awkward high school years. It has a great cast and is pretty funny and entertaining. It may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Most of the movie was filmed in Boise. It is worth a watch if you have never seen it.

#2 Dante's Peak

Pierce Brosnan was a can't miss action star in the 90's. He was most remembered as playing 007 in "Goldeneye," but he had some other good movies as well. "Dante's Peak" was filmed in Wallace, Idaho even though the movie is based in Washington. It is a good action movie that will entertain you, even if it isn't the greatest movie ever made. It was close to being atop the list, but one movie was more entertaining.

#1 Wild Wild West

While critics may not enjoy this movie, it was hard not to find it entertaining and get lost in it. Everything Will Smith touched in the '90s was mostly gold. The bigger issue with this movie was the fact that he turned down "The Matrix" to do "Wild Wild West" instead. We all know how that turned out. The song alone boosts this movie up the list as well. Not much of it was filmed in Idaho, but a few scenes were shot near Pierce. It may not be the best, but it's the most entertaining of all the movies filmed in Idaho.

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There are movies that many of you will say should have made the cut that didn't and others that will agree or disagree with the list. The ones filmed in Twin were hard not to rank higher, due to them being filmed here. While most of these are not Oscar-worthy movies, some of them are entertaining. Make sure to check out the ones you haven't seen and keep an ear open for the next time a movie is being filmed in Idaho. 

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