There is a joke making its way around the Internet about Portland, Oregon.  You can now do all the once illegal drugs you want but can’t find a straw for snorting.  Portland, like a lot of liberal cities, has moved to ban plastic straws, cups and bags.  You can drink without a straw.  My parents never bought them and as we rarely went out to eat, I can take or leave straws.

I’m not going to denounce her idea just because we’re not in the same party.

Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel is proposing local governments across the state be given the option of banning the plastics.  The bill is HB 54.  As Rubel is in a small minority (Republicans have 58 seats to the Democrats 12) there’s not much chance of this happening any time soon, although.  I support the notion of more local control over issues in Idaho.  If Twin Falls believes this is nanny state piffle it can ignore the idea.  If a majority in Sandpoint approve, then go ahead.  I can choose to vacation elsewhere or drink my tea straight from the glass.  I should note, this link suggests a possible ban would be for now limited mostly to bags.

Before we throw Representative Rubel under the bus, I can tell you she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in Idaho politics.  She’s a good mom and has some impressive legal credentials.

I’m not going to denounce her idea just because we’re not in the same party.

A couple of years ago, one of her fellow Democrats wanted to tighten laws on childhood marriage.  The woman’s name is Melissa Wintrow and she now serves in the Senate, having moved over from the House.  I liked Wintrow’s bill and some of my conservative listeners were also on board.  She couldn’t get any traction for the bill at the time.  When I asked if it was because the majority didn’t want a Democrat to get credit, she was very diplomatic.

She wasn’t going to pick a partisan fight.  I respected her choice.

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