Someone is going to tell me this isn’t about your tax dollars, but it will be.  The Minority Leader of the Idaho State Senate is Democrat Melissa Wintrow.  I’ve talked with Melissa on several issues and we’ve even sometimes agreed.  She’s one of the nicest people I know.  If she lived next door, I would be happy to call her neighbor.  But I believe she’s wrong to suggest health insurers should be picking up a larger share of the cost of contraceptives.

First, if I want to purchase condoms or birth control pills that would be my choice, I don’t get in your way when it comes to personal liberty (choice and liberty are synonyms).  Second, the idea that pregnancy is an illness is an invention of the people who believe the unborn are somehow sub-human.  Third, insurance companies are businesses.  They go belly up when there’s no longer profit.  Fourth, requiring the company to buy your rubbers raises the cost of business.  Fifth, the industry has a strong lobby, and will at some point ask that taxpayers pick up the burden.

I should also note, promiscuity is a choice.  I shouldn’t have to subsidize bed-hopping.

What disturbs me most is that some Republicans are on board with Wintrow.  Increasingly, they look at your money as theirs and adopt spending choices designed to get votes from special interest groups.  I guess they now have the run-around bloc.

Beware of anyone in politics who offers a defense that it’s a public good.  It’s deception for picking your pockets.  It was so cold today in Boise that I saw a legislator with his hands in his own pockets!

Maybe Representatives and Senators could pass out condoms with campaign slogans.  I get aroused by Joe in '24.

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