You say you can’t afford a new car?  Then buy something used.  You can’t afford most used cars because of inflated prices?  Then start looking at used electric vehicles.  Dealers may soon be looking at giving them away.  That may be hyperbolic, but also not far from the truth.  Check out this link for details.

Interest in buying new EVs has waned over reliability issues, expensive repairs, and a lack of charging stations.  As the Japan Times explains, in many countries, initial lease deals on fleet EVs are coming to a close.  There’s going to be a glut of auction lots.  Dealers will need to move the electric cars to open inventory space on vehicles that turn a profit.

“We’re practically giving them away,” was a slogan used by some dealers in recent years.

I’ve written previous criticisms about EVs, and the granola-gobbling left melts down in response.  Note:  My previous posts were filled with links to citations backing up my position.  There is nothing green about the energy transition.  People with a modicum of common sense put this together a long time ago.  But then the enlightened haven’t sacrificed their synapses for marijuana research!

It’s not only what we drive.  The entire effort to establish green energy is a mirageIt can’t be done.

Are you still looking to be a better person?  Then be good to your fellow men.  Make their lives better.  Feed the poor and the hungry.  Ensure they have a warm place in winter.  Stop wasting time with things you can’t control.

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