The Land O Lakes butter looks so lonely.  I made the observation while shopping over the weekend.  Once more, the Indian has been removed from the land!  We shared the story a couple of months ago.  The box was designed by a member of an indigenous tribe and the lake in the background is a sacred space and, yet.  A non-Indian liberal demanded the maiden be removed.

Trader Joe’s did something bold by modern standards.

It kicked started an angry left’s effort to remake grocery stores and pantries.  Aunt Jemima was retired.  Along with Uncle Ben.  Then there was a demand Trader Joe’s stop its “cultural appropriation” and worse, change the name of the market chain!  The other day, Trader Joe’s did something bold by modern standards.  The company told the liberal busy bodies to go pound salt.

This morning, two people sent me the same video.  From a Christian comedian wandering Walmart and looking to strike down anything offensive.  Wheat Thins are an insult to fat people.  Snap, Crackle and Pop are all white and the Keebler Elves insult the vertically challenged.

But you see, when it comes to finding offense, we can manufacture whatever we really want.  It takes someone with a good sense of humor to point out the unserious left’s vicious grip on our culture.

Today, I had spaghetti, which wasn’t native to any of my ancestral homelands.  Am I committing a cultural sin?  Would playing the accordion make it even worse?  I can play the accordion, just not well.  Actually, I can play any instrument.  It’s that I can’t play any of them musically, which I assume would annoy most people.

Anyhow, you can watch the video below.  -

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