Among the asinine comments from liberals following blue city riots is we’re on the cusp of revolution.  Click on this link and listen to Dr. Cornel West telling us we can peacefully share everything we have or it’s going to be taken from us.  What army does he command?  Police, the Guard and the U.S. military outgun Antifa and Black Lives Matter by a ridiculous multiple.  Governments at all levels have displayed remarkable restraint over the last several days.  Think Kent State.  A couple of dozen rioters get their comeuppance and this ends overnight.

Think Kent State.  A couple of dozen rioters get their comeuppance and this ends overnight.

The left has no sympathy for the small and large business owners destroyed because the left doesn’t believe in private property.  Why would they?  Have you seen the pictures of the white rioters among the unruly crowds?  They came in from the suburbs after climbing out of Mom’s basement.  They’ve no idea what it’s like to risk and sweat in order to build a business.  And I’ll bet Adam Smith wasn’t on the required college reading list.  Instead they got a diet of Eldridge Cleaver.

Some of the liberal talking heads are now turning on liberals of another color.   I guess they dream of a purge.  Maybe some of those white liberals actually have an actual fear of crime.  Back in grade school it’s called “stranger danger”.  It’s taught as a means of instilling fear into a mostly safe country.

The other day I read where the cop accused of murder in Minneapolis was the subject of 18 complaints over a two-decade career.  Let’s get some context.  What’s the average number of complaints a law enforcer gets over 20 years?  Seven or 17 or 27?  Another story explains when he worked security outside a nightclub the management thought he was too quick responding to what he perceived as trouble.  Did the other members of the security team react in the same manner?  Did the inside team, of which George Floyd was a member, react in the same way?  Did Derek Chauvin treat people of all colors in a harsh manner when making an arrest?

This is a failure of media.

There are 330 million Americans.  More than 325 million will likely never have an experience beyond a speeding ticket.  There are hundreds of thousands of men and women policing this country and most clock in and clock out for decades and then retire without ever even drawing a gun.

When I hear the demented ramblings of Cornel West, I wonder how many lives he’s willing to put on the line for his own self-aggrandizement.  Because this is a war the left can’t win and creating the conditions for urban warfare is immoral and possibly criminal.

Oh, and the latest in media perfidy is to accuse President Trump for liberals attacking liberal media.  What are these people puffing?

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