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Blame the riots in France on a lack of jobs.  I saw an analyst on television a few minutes before I had to go on air.  She was explaining that strife can’t be blamed on ethnic or religious tensions.  Instead, she cited the de-industrialization of Europe.  That happened in pursuit of green energy dreams.  Europe’s standard of living is plummeting as traditional energy resources are replaced by unreliable and expensive solar and wind.  This should be a lesson for the United States.  Instead, it’s being ignored by the elites.

We need to come to our senses on green energy dreams and soon.  The point of no return may be approaching.  What’s going on in France could look like a garden party here in flyover country.  What’s going to power harvests in southern Idaho?  Or the Midwest, the Yakima Valley, and the valleys of California?  What happens when fertilizers are banned?  What happens when you can no longer find a diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle?  What happens when you can’t afford the electric alternative?  What happens if you buy an electric and there’s no power?

Forbes has an excellent takedown of the International Energy Agency (IEA).  It predicts alternative energy will become cheaper.  And I expect I’m winning Powerball this week!  I did a lengthy interview with a greenie 31 years ago and he predicted battery storage and more efficient engines were just around the corner.  Five Presidents have since come and gone.  That was more than half my life ago.

Change doesn’t ride the wings of hope and pixie dust.  Check out this link.  It shows how petroleum dwarfs all other minerals mined every year.  This is going to remain the case for the next several decades.  Otherwise, half the planet starves.  The liberals would have us believe we need to kill ourselves to save ourselves.  Then why don’t they start by volunteering to go first?  If they get their way, the only people left on the planet will be whack-a-doodles living in Looney Land.

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