Comedy is no longer allowed!  Over the weekend I came across a story about an Oregon College where the students are calling comedian Steve Martin a racist.  Martin is a long-time Hollywood liberal.  A close friend and contemporary of the Smothers Brothers.

In the 1970s Martin became the first “rock star” comedian.  He sold out vast arenas and stadiums for his stage show.  Members of my generation bought his albums and wore them out.  He was known for a style in some ways existential absurdity (he had a degree in philosophy).  He ranged from slapstick to veiled wit.

Enterprising capitalists teamed with museums to commercialize the tour.

While never an official cast member, he became a staple alongside the performers of the original Saturday Night Live.  At the same time, a museum exhibit was touring North America.  It featured relics of the Egyptian King Tut.  Enterprising capitalists teamed with museums to commercialize the tour.

Martin performed a satirical song in response.  It became a massive radio hit!  One look at the old sketch is enough for anyone with an IQ above 85 to get the joke.  Apparently, for modern college students, the elevator doesn’t reach the top floor.  They call it cultural appropriation and compare it to a minstrel show, which I’m sure the historical reference had to be explained for the kids multiple times.

These are the people inheriting America.  Dumbed down by screen time and gripes and entitlement culture.  These are the same people who’ve ruined the career of liberal comedian Sarah Silverman.  I guess political correctness eventually devours its progenitors.

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