With Halloween rapidly approaching, the time of year is upon us where people like to share stories of experiences they've had at the Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls. One figure that has been seen by many throughout the years was recently mentioned in a feature on the Instagram page of Twin Falls Economic Development.

From shop owners, to motorists, to the city's police department, they all have reported sightings of perhaps the Orpheum Theatre's most unexplainable enigma. The third floor of the historic theater appears to have evening guests from time to time. Reports of both a young boy and an older man dressed in period attire have been communicated by both visitors and Twin Falls community members.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit with the Orpheum Theatre's General Manager Jared Johnson. Johnson had been in charge of operations since 2014, and shared many accounts of odd and puzzling sightings reported by staff, Main Avenue shop keepers and even Twin Falls police. Johnson mentioned a time when he was contacted by law enforcement regarding a male figure appearing to watch people on the streets below.

Twin Falls Economic Development on Monday also mentioned the sighting of a young boy in an update to its Instagram page. In my 2018 discussions with Johnson, I was told about a female child that has been seen numerous times by actors both on stage, and in the dressing room area on the lower level of the theater. The sightings in the street-facing windows, which is where actors would socialize and hang out decades ago, were mainly of an older man, according to Johnson.

During our tour of the property in November of 2018, in which a co-worker joined me, we were unable to get any photographic evidence of anything out of the ordinary. The Orpheum Theatre is the oldest operating of its kind in Twin Falls.

If you used to work there, or have ever had an experience of your own while attending an event at the theater, we'd love for you to share your experience with us. 

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