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Friends told me about the place.  Hotel Nevada is a relic of past glory.  Located in downtown Ely, Nevada, it was a popular stop for entertainers and politicians for decades, including President Lyndon Johnson and First Lady Pat Nixon (they weren’t a couple!).  Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Charlie Pride, and Stephen King are all among past guests.  There’s a Walk of Fame outside the main entry.

The hotel isn’t strong on modern amenities.  It was constructed in 1929.  My room didn’t have a refrigerator or microwave oven.  It did have a massive high-definition TV screen and a modern shower.

There’s a casino on the main floor.  I walked through and looked at the flashing lights.  Some Russians I met in the lobby wanted me to join them in gambling but I begged off and went to bed early.  Breakfast is free.  Dogs are allowed in some rooms.  There’s an overflow parking lot but if you’re early for check-in, you can leave your car parked at the front door.

As for hauntings, I thought a visit by a young Bergman would be exciting but not if she spent her time asking me to play the piano!

Not only didn’t I have any ghostly encounters, the hotel is incredibly quiet.  I slept very, very well and never felt unsafe.  Depending on the room and if you use a booking service, the cost is 70 to 80 dollars a night.

It’s a great base for anyone looking to visit the attractions in the area and there are many. Trains, ghost towns, a national park with a cave system, and two local state parks!

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