Payless shoes will remain at Shopko. Courtesy, Bill Colley.
Women in my family liked buying pumps there.

There may soon be fewer direct options for buying cheap plastic shoes.

Payless will be closing 400 stores nationwide.  I’m told the location at Shopko at the Magic Valley Mall isn’t on the list, but other stores may face the curtain.  The companies CEO told the Christian Science Monitor competition from online shopping is taking a bite out of business.

An old friend from my TV days bought all his dress shoes at Payless.  He rotated a few pairs for work.  For people who don’t wear dress shoes everyday, Payless has been a good option.  Women in my family liked buying pumps there.  It allowed them options to cheaply accessorize.

The company isn’t going away.  Payless is doing a booming storefront business in Central and South America.  Spanish as a second language would be good for managers.