Thomas Tull owns part of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He’s a wealthy man and he can be charitable, as this link explains.  He is also quite taken with the Mountain West.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Tull has purchased more than 7,000 acres of ranchland in Idaho’s Teton Valley.  The original property belonged to Paul Allen, the late owner of the Seattle Seahawks.  Tull has since almost doubled the size of the property and he’s making improvements.

The Billionaire has Big Plans for Ranch

Such as a large home, a guest house, and a lodge.  The paper describes the property as almost “pristine”.  It also claims some neighbors aren’t happy because they’re seeing increased traffic.

I’ll bet Tull is a better person than the fictional lead character of the TV series Yellowstone.   The rancher, played by Kevin Costner, is ruthless and doesn’t mind shedding blood.  The violent fictional character is apparently more popular than the real co-owner of a legendary football franchise.  I mean, Tull must be a nice and patient fellow.  After all, Mike Tomlin still has a job.

Native Idahoans not Opposed

I’ll make another wager.  I imagine the opposition to the large Tull ranch isn’t coming from native Idahoans.  They believe in property rights and most would own a large spread if they could afford one.  While they may not have the money for 7,000 acres, they aren’t jealous of people who’ve made money.

My guess is that the biggest whiners are the limousine liberals now buying homes in Driggs and Victor.  Once they get what they wanted, they don’t want to share the valley with anyone else.  Of course, they never asked the natives if they wanted a film festival in town.  Liberals simply came in and took over.  Now a bigger player has arrived and they’re angry.

Look, the worst he could probably do is play loud music until two o’clock in the morning.  But you won’t hear it because his house is so far away from the center of town.

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